Friday, February 10, 2012

Diet Soda Addiction

I've always had a love for Diet Dr. Pepper for so many years. As I've written about being stuck in a plateau to lose those pesky last ten pounds, my friend (thanks!)  asked me if I was still drinking diet soda. I usually drink about 3 a day! (Diet. Dr Pepper, of course)  I actually thought diet sodas were free passes because they don't  have any calories. Sadly, the artificial sweetners in these sodas can lead to obesity and diabetes. Therefore, that means I have to wean off from my diet soda addiction. This week, I've succeeded at having only 2 a day. Next week, I will cut down to 1 a day. Hopefully, it will be an zero a day! I always had a Diet. Dr Pepper sometime in the morning but that hasn't been really hard because I usually drink my chocolate Shakeology. (if you guys have no idea what Shakeology is, go to and find out more!! It's like 5 salads in a drink but tastes like a dessert.  Vegan tropical strawberry Shakeology is coming out on Feb 14th. (Valentine's Day!) 

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  1. That's great, keep it up! I reduced drinking Diet Coke to once a week - what a shock eh?